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Thank you for your interest in employment with the Public Health Institute Sustaining Technical and Analytic Resources (STAR). We are accepting applications for the positions posted below. Please note that we do not accept general interest applications. Job postings are updated regularly. To view a position description and obtain application instructions, click on the position title. Once you submit your application materials, you will be sent a receipt confirmation. All positions are open until filled unless otherwise noted. STAR reserves the right to change position descriptions and status at any time. Please send all employment-related inquiries to

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Current/Open Fellowship Positions
Number Title Location Closing Date
STAR-P1-035 Senior TB Technical Advisor Tashkent,   UZ 05/31/2019
STAR-P1-029 TB Monitoring and Evaluation Advisor Jakarta,   ID 05/31/2019
STAR-P1-026 Senior TB Public-Private Mix Advisor Jakarta ,   ID 06/03/2019
STAR-P1-030 Senior Programmatic Management of Drug-Resistant TB Advisor Jakarta,   ID 05/31/2019
Current/Open Internship Positions
Number Title Location Closing Date
INT-P1-040 HIV/AIDS Implementation Science Research Intern Washington, DC  US 06/14/2019
INT-P1-037 Private Health Sector Solutions and Health Systems Strengthening Intern Monrovia,   LR 05/24/2019
INT-P1-038 Policy, Advocacy, Financing, and Governance Intern Arlington, VA  US 05/22/2019
INT-P1-039 HIV/AIDS Implementation Science Research Intern Washington, DC  US 06/14/2019
INT-P1-042 HIV/AIDS Vaccine Branch Intern Washington, DC  US 06/14/2019
INT-P1-041 HIV/AIDS Microbicide Research Intern Washington, DC  US 06/14/2019
INT-P1-014 HIV Testing Services Intern Arlington, VA  US 05/31/2019
INT-P1-005 Information Systems Development Intern Arlington, VA  US 05/31/2019
INT-P1-028 Resource Tracking and Costing Intern Arlington, VA  US 05/31/2019